Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Little Giddy

I'm five hundred words or so away from hitting 40K words on my new novel manuscript, which is really, really close to my goal for the end--somewhere between 50 and 60K. I realized this morning that if I'm going to get the story wrapped up under 60 K, I'd better make a list of the scenes I have left to write, so this morning I mapped out the things that still have to happen. I also did a lot more research, on some things that made David's eyes bug out a little bit when he saw the Google history (drug stuff mainly...there's a lot of drug research done for this book!)

I also got to make up some silly band names, which was amusing. And I read forty-some reviews of a concert venue in Portland, which I hadn't ever gone to but thanks to the amazing internet I have at least a few details to help my characters fit into the scene.

As soon as I saw it all mapped out like this--although of course there will be surprises as my characters enjoy doing that to me--it filled me with such a bunch of giddiness I could barely contain myself. I'm so amazed to be so close to the finish, and to still be happy with what I'm working on. I've written 1,000-2,000 words or more every day now since I started this. Granted, it's all first draft level work, and I'm sure things will change a lot in the editing process. But the thought of actually finishing a novel (even a short YA novel) by the time school starts makes me...well...GIDDY!

Happy Dance!!!!!

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