Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hair Help?

Somebody? Tell me what to do with my hair so I can take this damn baseball cap off? YIKES!

Update...well, I went to ivillage, where I somehow miraculously remembered both my username AND my password from when I was a member of a pregnancy forum while pregnant with Jabberwock like five years ago.

Here's my (little bit scary) photo "make-over" with some celebrity's hair and I think maybe eyeliner. It's kind of funny, actually. Also? I have approximately that color hair dye in my linen closet at the moment, and I'm tossing around the possibility of using it. It's a little darker, though. I've never permanently dyed my hair before, though. Gulp.


cowpops said...

You could put it up 24/7 like I do...

Then we'd be twins? lol?

*high five for same color hair*

Did I ever tell you that in 7th grade, when we both had longer hair, some classmate of mine tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Um, Ms. Lissnkids?" And I turned around and he was all scared?


Shana said...

Go for it! I think you'd look good as a redhead.

I'm going in for a haircut this week. I cannot stand this mop on my head anymore.