Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boring Mom Post

The only purpose of this post is for me to document Monkey's recent verbal explosion by making a list of all the words/phrases he currently is speaking on his own (not just repeating like a parrot, but really using, at least a few times). I would be a good mom and put it in his baby book, but it's so much harder to find both time, pen, and book...

So, here it is, Monkey's 18 month vocabulary, in categories for ease of memory (I'll probably edit to add others I remember):

Family Members:
Dada: used to be all "Dada" all the time, now he also says
Mom/Mama: although it's just as likely he's talking about David when he says it. I seem to be "mama," whereas David is both "DaDA!" and "Mom." Go figure.
He says Jabber's name, and also "browwer"
Papa: for the grandpas

Animals/Animal Sounds:
GRRRRR! : equals lions and tigers and bears, or other creatures that look similar to these
Ffshhhh: fish
cutest little kissing sound: what the fish says
'at: cat
mee mo! : meow
woof! : what the dog says, naturally
tit tit: ha! what the bird says
Moooo! : yeah, you know.
Nt: ant, a source of great wonder and amusement
Uck! : Duck, and also Truck
quack, quack!

Body Parts/Clothing
eet: feet
mum: mouth
and: hand
hat! hat! hat! (anything on your head)
ed: head
eef: teeth
ox: socks

Ap-Ap: Apple
Mlk: Milk
Aw Don: All done, or all gone
Crack: Cracker, chips, etc.
Nana: banana
Cha: cheese
Opee: Oatmeal
Op it: open it

Knock-knock, while pounding on the doors
Ouch! Ow!: both require kisses
Uh-oh! Whoops!
Rock: anything found on the ground
Go out!
Baby: a really recent one, since he doesn't much use the long /e/ sound
aeTTTT! Nurse me!
Good!: How he responds to the question, "How are you doing, baby?"
Yes! : I am blessed that he doesn't yet say "no"
Nigh-Nigh: this one makes him cry as he says it
UCK! UCK!: Did you see that cool ass truck that just went by???
uck: anything with wheels (or a duck, depending on context clues)
dis: this
dat: that
mama nopbook: Mama's notebook
Welcome!: what he says to you when he gives you something
ticko ticko ticko: tickling sound
ug: hug
Hi, Hey, Hello
Sit down now!
Bop: Ball


Anonymous said...

The worst thing is that as they get older, they start talking and sounding just like you. I have 6 year-old son who I swear is me sometimes. Scary.


CDP said...

I love this. I totally miss the crazy pronunciations as they get older.

My older one, now 7, said "FRUCK" for truck at that age. He really loved frucks, so he said it LOUDLY and emphatically. It turned some heads.

liss n kids said...

Steve, Yes! I know just what you mean! (Well, check out the post before this where my four-year-old shows me just what I sound like, at least while on the phone...)

cdp, FRUCK! That's pretty funny. I have been trying to get Monkey to say "Car," instead, but so far, not happening.

Shana said...

Awwwww. He is saying so much and so much more than Coen now! I think that Coen had a speech explosion a few weeks ago and he hasn't learned much since. LOL.

I'm just catching up on comments, BTW. I read your blog everyday, but I usually have a cup of coffee in my hand, which prevents me from commenting immediately. ;-) As it is, I have coffee that just finished brewing, but I figured I better get caught up on comments here before I pour my coffee so you know I'm here! ;-P