Monday, July 14, 2008

Ice cream truck of death.

I never thought I'd hate the ice cream truck. I mean, it is like the best invention ever--ice cream on wheels, right to your very neighborhood. It's the epitome of summer.
It is also the bedtime kiss of death when the ice cream truck insists on cruising the neighborhood, peppy little song piping out of it, at 8:00 pm. I mean, it's hard enough to convince the kiddo to go to bed when it's still light out, but when the ice cream truck is rolling through? IMPOSSIBLE.
Am I that weird to send my kids to bed at eight? I want to boycott this ice cream catastrophe just out of principle, but the thing is...I like ice cream. And if it ever comes around when it's NOT bedtime, I'll probably be running after it along with all the neighbor kids.


Shana said...

I wish we had an ice cream truck in our 'hood. I used to love the ice cream truck when I was younger.

CDP said...

We don't have one in our neighborhood, either, which is good and bad. I grew up in Philadelphia, and we had a water ice truck come around in the summer...that was the best thing ever.