Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sixth graders are...AMAZING!

Well, my homebase got first place for the sixth graders in our Amazing Race! The weather was wonderful, and my group really amazed me, over and over. They worked together to complete all of the tasks, and each one of them stepped up to the plate at different times to show leadership, from problem-solving during team-building challenges to reading the maps to offering to eat the worms for the whole homebase (relax, they ended up being gummy worms, but man, did we ever have them going!), each student showed their best skills. There was only a little complaining ("I'm hungry" mostly, and once "this stupid race" which was amended to "well, it's not THAT stupid" after my look of incredulousness) and a lot of encouragement. They helped each other out all along the way, and they even kissed each other when the task called for it. They even got me to run, and wow, did we ever make tracks! Admittedly, I walked much more than I ran, but it was some heavy-duty hiking we were doing! I feel proud, tired, and so happy to end my year with these wonderful young adults in such a terrific way. YAY, Amazing Race!

Again, I am only including pictures in which my students are unrecognizable, but here they are studying some benzo macroinvertebrates that they dredged up out of the creek. Our task? Identify five distinct species. They did it with excitement!

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Shana said...

Very cool, Liss. I looks like they had a blast!