Saturday, June 7, 2008

All about Dinosaurs

Jabberwock's Story Time

"Do you want to hear all about dinosaurs? I’ll read to you. OK, the first thing you need to know. People did not get eaten by dinosaurs. That’s because they got extremely lucky, and all the dinosaurs died. Millions of years ago they got stinked. Scientists digged up their bones with a bulldozer, and there were a bunch of school chairs, but the dinosaurs ate them all up because they are functionary. That means dangerous, according to this book.

"Dinosaurs lived. Dinosaurs lived. Dinosaurs lived. (giggles) I'll tell you a joke about dinosaurs. How did dinosaurs eat, and eat, and eat, when they had none hands? Mom? They their face dirty! (brief interlude of nonsensical jokes about animals that eat despite having "none hands")

"I would read some more, but my breath won’t let me."

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