Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I wish I would have taken a picture, but alas. I took the digital camera out of my purse last night to post the picture of Jabber giving me the "I'm not going to listen to you" look, and I forgot to put it back before our trip to the library.

So you'll have to use your imagination, and I'll have to use my mad descriptive skills. So we went to library story time today, and Jabberwock picked out his own clothes. On top, a bright orange T-shirt with glittery dinosaur creatures on it. I think one of them was eating the other, and I'm not even sure they are real dinos, but that just goes to show how much I know. Luckily, Jabber knows All About Dinosaurs, so he's all good with that.

The T-shirt is a long one, an inheritance from his best big boy buddy who always gives him cool hand-me-downs. (His SpongeBob SquarePants BOXER SHORTS were also from this friend, and I swear I can barely get them off his little cheeks to wash them before he's got them back on again!) So the shirt is long, hanging waaaaayyy down, almost past the bottom of his little navy blue uniform shorts (also from big buddy J).

Beneath his dress of a shirt, his skinny legs protrude, covered with huge mosquito bites and the usual eczema patches. Plus about a zillion bruises, just par for the course here with summer. So far, he's looking pretty much like his normal self.

Until you get to the shoes and socks--black shiny tuxedo shoes with tall black socks, pulled all the way up to just below his knobby little knees. What a sight!

He did get quite a few comments about his cool shoes, although also quite a few raised eyebrows. He's an original!


CDP said...

I'm quite lucky; my children have so little interest in what they wear that I can still just put out clothes for them and they wear them without protest (with the caveat that the 3yo's shirt cannot be plain...he needs to have shirts with pictures on them)

liss n kids said...

Ah, you're lucky. Jabber is a little annoying about his wardrobe, I have to say. He gets especially adamant about accessories. Today we went for a quick walk before it started raining, and I thought we were going to miss our chance because he was busy picking out a hat to wear. (He ended up settling on a gray snap-front driving hat, in a Daddy size, of course. Weirdo.)