Monday, May 12, 2008


This has to be short, since it is past my bedtime and I still have to log my calories for the night, blah, blah, blah, but I just have to share that I have queried two more agents for my novel this evening! Yay, me! It's funny, because even though I knew going into this whole process at the beginning of the school year this year, that I would get tons of rejections and just needed to keep on keepin' on, it still hit me really hard to get all these form rejections. Part of the writing experience, I know, but still. I just want to know that after all those years of birthing that novel, someone will take a look at it. So yeah, I was busy and stuff teaching my butt off these last eight months or whatever, but I think it was also disappointment and discouragement that has kept me from querying more. That and a bleak kind of fear that I will get to the end of the list of agents without getting anyone to read it. Then what? Can I stick my baby in a drawer somewhere to be forgotten? Harsh. I am still writing, with new projects in the works, but the thought of this just getting pitched in the "practice novel" category makes me feel sick. And I'm still really happy with the darn thing, too; I still get a little giddy when I read the ending.

Anyway, just had to share that even if I do reach the end of that list with nothing but a string of rejections, I'm going to query every last one! Wish me luck! :)


cowpops said...


And I certainly appreciate your talent, if that counts for anything. :)

liss n kids said...

It most certainly counts! Thanks, cowpops!