Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daily Irony

One more thing for today. Monkey's new skill for the last couple of weeks is throwing things, and let me tell ya, the kid's got quite an arm! Unfortunately, it seems his aim is also quite excellent, and his target of choice happens to be other people's heads (especially his big brother's, but he's certainly not above chucking things at me or Dad). So I have been trying to come up with a positive way of redirecting know, "Sand stays on the ground" versus "Don't throw the sand" and "Cars are for driving, not throwing" instead of "Damn it, kid, we've already paid our emergency room co-pay for this month!"

Then today we went for a hike and stopped by the rushing river. What did we do there? Throw rocks, of course, like any normal folks. Monkey looked at us like he was pretty sure we were all completely nuts as we clapped and sang out, "Throw the rock, Monkey! Throw the rock into the water!"

Monkey says, "WTH? Now I can throw it?"

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