Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Already??? SRSLY???

Yesterday my little Jabberwock came home from daycare with a little slip of paper folded and refolded in his hand. As soon as I came home from work, he leaped over to the door and showed me. "Look, Mama, it's Cute Little Girl's phone number. She wrote it just for me!" Sure enough, my four-year-old son was holding his first girl's phone number. This morning he made me repeat our phone number over and over on our way there so that he could memorize it for her. "I want her to call me, and I will tell her I love her!" he sang from the backseat, in between his memorization attempts. "But first, I'm going to say good morning to her in Spanish."

*Sniff* I thought I was the only one he said good morning to in Spanish!

This on the same week he successfully used sarcasm. I don't know how well I can stomach this growing up stuff!

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