Saturday, June 20, 2009

shackin' up

We moved Monkey's bed into Jabber's room today, and both boys seemed to enjoy the idea of it. Monkey jumped into the bed and pretended to sleep right away, so we let him try it, but the two boys got so wound up that it didn't work. Tomorrow night our niece will be sleeping in there maybe, so Monkey just went to sleep in our bed, like usual.

But here is Jabber showing off his new room. He was so excited by it, he asked me if he could "just sit and look at his room for a while." Luckily he hasn't asked for any of the toys I threw away in the process of cleaning and reorganizing his room!

And here's proof that I did try to organize the bookshelf. The boys each have a treasure chest on top full of all their favorite things!


CDP said...

My boys still share a room, and they love it...the older one hasn't asked for his own room yet. If he does, we'll probably let him have it, but they really like sharing their room so far.

elissa said...

well, good to hear! Mine don't have a choice either way...