Thursday, June 11, 2009

Backyard Boys

Before the Big Leaf Burglary Drama that hauled us indoors...

("The sound you make when your little brother steals your pile of leaves should not resemble the sound you make when a rabid alligator tears off both your legs, Jabber. That's enough. Get in the house. NOW.")

...we actually had a nice time this evening hanging out in the backyard. So here are a few pictures proving harmony sometimes happens.

Here's Jabber actually enjoying himself.

Jabber holds the leaves in question, while the perpetrator digs a hole to hide the evidence.

Monkey denies all charges. He is outraged at the accusations.


althrasher said...

I think your parenting remark is fantastic. With any luck, your kids will have all your snarky brilliance.

Catherine said...

This is going to sound..well a little weird, but Jabber is getting handsomer by the day.

He's gonna grow up to be a little heartbreaker.

elissa said...

ha, alt! yeah, I've already been told that Monkey has my "signature look" which, let's face it, is definitely a look of brilliance! :)

and cat, it is almost eerie how much Jabber looks like D. as a child!

CDP said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. They are both so adorable.

elissa said...

cdp, thanks! yeah, I will be better now that school's out! Wheeee!