Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grow Fish!

This is the top of my stove (yeah, don't really look that closely, please!)

In the plastic dish, we are currently growing an orange dinosaur and two tropical fish. These are the little novelty items that you can put in water and they double, triple, NO! quadruple! in size before your very eyes!!!!

This, they have done. The package says that after 48 hours, you can take them out of the water and watch them shrink back down to normal, but Jabber doesn't think that sounds like a good idea. He swears that the creatures are still growing. So...there they sit. It's science, right?


Anonymous said...

Somewhere in Seattle there is a 25 year-old little boy who still grows dinosaurs! May we all keep growing! ily, m

Catherine said...

I wanna grow weird stuff too!!!! Are they slimy?

Also, your stove is spotless.

You will never ever see the horror of my house!

MelodyO said...

Loved your first paragraph entry in Nathan's contest! Good luck, my dear.