Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Thoughts

As it looks like Senator Barack Obama will be our next president, I thought I'd share a conversation Jabberwock and I had earlier this evening while watching the votes come in.

Jabber: Wooo! Barack Obama!

Me: So if you were voting, who would you vote for?

J: Barack Obama!!!

Me: Why do you like him?

J: Because...he has a good name. He also just seems like a good guy. AND I like the way he looks.

Me: What do you like about the way he looks?

J: I like it that he has a black face. Isn't that just really interesting that some people have black faces and some people have white faces? (this is the first time I have heard him say a single thing about race, btw)

Me: You would like to see a black man become president.

J: Yes.

Me: Well, it's not really a good enough reason to vote for him, just because you like the color of his face, though, right?

J: Well, I also don't really agree with what John McCain stands on.

Me: What he stands on?

J: Yeah. Like, when he stands on a rock overlooking the river. That's like...weird. And he says he won't fall, but I don't know. He's awful old.



cowpops said...

that is cute! :D

Mary's List said...

Jabber has such good judgement!

Catherine said...

ah Jabber, i see a future in spin-doctoring.

CDP said...

Go Jabber! and YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Holly Huelster said...
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Holly Huelster said...

Hi my name is Holly, I'm Mary's niece. I read your blog once in awhile and love it :)
Anyway, I have a story to compare of this little girl I babysit. She is four, like your son. Anyway her mom has been emphasizing the concept of fairness to her and she has taken that very seriously, and in this case very literally.
Anyway i was watching her the night of the election and she was very interested in talking about the candidates. She said, " I would like John McCain to win because he is like a candy cane. But you know what? I really hope that both Barak Obama and John McCain win. I think they will both be great presidents. It wouldn't be fair if one of them didn't win."
I thought this was very sweet of her to think both of them could win :)

liss n kids said...

Hi, Holly, and welcome! Mary said you were reading sometimes! :D

Cute story! Kids are so freaking funny!