Sunday, August 31, 2008

Haircut Happenings

I have always cut Jabberwock's hair, ever since the very first cut when he was under a year old. He's always had a huge head full of hair, thick and glossy, just like his dad. I laugh to think of all the hair I cut off when he was a year old, comparing that to Monkey, who at 20 months is only now in possession of enough peach fuzz to actually be called hair. I imagine it will be several more years before Monkey needs a trim!

So it has been quite a while since Jabber's last cut, partly because he wanted his hair to grow out and partly because he had a meltdown about a month ago when I tried to cut it, and I just walked away and said forget it, you can just have long hair forever. (All right, maybe I had a meltdown too. Obviously that was a case of bad timing.)

Remember how I've mentioned Jabber's fears? Well, no big surprise, but one of them is that he's terrified of being cut by the scissors. Never mind that in almost four years of me cutting his hair, he has never gotten snipped in any way. The mere thought of the metal touching his skin will send him into a cascade of flinching that will drive me into a fit of yelling if I am not completely in my Zen Jabberwock Stylist Mode.

So yesterday we decided that the day had come to try again. Then my mom came over and made a comment about him looking like a girl, and I almost said forget it again, but today I realized that I need to stop being immature like that. So...haircut day!

Here is the sequence. Try not to look too closely at the kitchen floor, or my sad plants. Heh.

Before: Aww, look at the little waves and curls. I almost cannot bear to cut it.

Halfway through: one side is cut, and Jabber is amused by his reflection in the oven door. I didn't really intend to go as short as this, but I guess I only know how to cut one style of hair, and this is it. So, short it is.

After: Now you can briefly glance at my floor, but only to see the huge pile of hair lying there. I think that's the most I've ever taken off. He seems pretty happy with the results, though! And, bonus points for nobody losing an ear. Or their least, not much!


Anonymous said...

what a great hair cut!! You are a pro.. He looks like I little man.


Catherine said...

Oh he's such a cutir. Not bad on the hair-job, ma'am ;)

CDP said...

He looks great!