Monday, August 30, 2010

first grade!

Jabber started first grade today, and then came home with a fever up over 102.  He's now up in his bed shivering and moaning and fighting dreams in which "terrible things keep happening over and over and I'm afraid they'll become real."  Poor little guy.  He's so tough, even when he's basically miserable.


mostlyanonymous said...


Nomes said...

ahh, no. Is first grade the very first year of school? What a day to get sick on!

Hope the little fella gets better soon


Lisa said...

He looks great in the photo. All ready to go! I'm so sorry he got sick already. Poor guy.

grace said...

oh no poor Jabber. :( what a tough little kid.

loveable_homebody said...

I always said school was no good! Just kidding. Sorry he isn't well and feels so terrible. I hope he gets better soon. What a cute kid!

elissa said...

mostly, does that background bring back memories? ;)

nomes, first grade, for most kids, comes after kindergarten, so he's already an old pro at school. :)

he's feeling better tonight, so I'm hoping he'll be able to go back and try again for day 3!

Wendy Paine Miller said...

My second girl started first grade on the 1st. Wasn't sick though. I feel for you and him.

Hope he's better now.
~ Wendy