Thursday, December 17, 2009


I horrified my Lovely Daycare Provider this morning by revealing that I haven't really started my Christmas shopping...a statement that is not *quite* true, in fact, but it's close. I haven't started my shopping for David and the kids. Now that's the truth. And it's not an unusual truth, either. I admit that I am awful--really terrible--about buying gifts for people for specific occasions. I actually like giving people things, but I don't like waiting to give them on a particular date. I cannot even tell you how many times I've bought D. a gift for some reason and then given it to him right away instead of hanging onto it until a special occasion. I basically have no patience.

So then I started thinking about queries, because I'm in the query stage with novel number three, and querying involves a lot of waiting. First you send out your queries. And you wait. And then you may get requests (well, I finally got a few, anyway!), and you wait.

And then an email comes.

Different writers have different ways of dealing with the appearance of an agent email in their inboxes. Many of them cannot look at the email right away; they need some time to prepare themselves mentally. Me? I have opened them heedlessly when checking my email during my prep period at work. It's like ripping a bandaid off; I can't let that message sit there, unread, knowing it's in there. It will drive me crazy. And yes, this is probably a bad practice because there's a lot of emotion tied up in those emails. So sometimes I'm a little giddy while teaching class. And sometimes, of course, the opposite is true. But that's good for them, too, to see what it's like for a writer--and really, to see that with any goal, a person will encounter some exciting strides forward and some disappointing setbacks. I think it's good for them to see me keep on keeping on.

Which brings me back to Christmas, sort of. So I have my manuscript out in the world in various places (one of which shows up when I google myself--a fact which still gives me chills)(what? you don't google yourself? I'm just impressed that most of the items on the first page are now me instead of a Mormon polygamy trial!), and I know it's pretty unlikely to hear from people before the holidays are over. So here I am, being patient. Finding ways to keep myself busy, like revising novel number four!

I suppose I could try shopping...


george said...

I routinely do all xmas shopping a day or two before xmas. I used to do it all xmas eve day, but then it became so much easier and less stressful to buy online, which unfortunately means I have to start earlier.

Except for years like this when I abandon the idea of buying presents at all.

elissa said...

I should have started earlier to take advantage of online shopping because otherwise I basically buy it all at Target. Because I'm lazy, and besides, once I've done the weekly Target run, I do not have the energy to make other stops, haha. I try to buy from local artists, etc. for my family, but I really need to work on putting more thought into D's presents. He's like the ultimate present buyer, and I'm so lame.

cowpops said...

mormon polygamy trial?

elissa said...

yup! the girl's name is Elissa Wall, and the lawyer's name is Hoole, so...they used to be like the top result when I googled myself. :D

cowpops said...

that's hilarious