Thursday, August 20, 2009

moar books!

I just came home from a routine Target run bearing a "small" stack of books "for my classroom" (okay, I don't really bring David Sedaris in for my seventh graders, it's true. But the others are all young adult books! That's responsible! I mean, it's practically like working--for the YA writer elissa as well as the teacher elissa! See? It's like working DOUBLE TIME!)

David gave me a Look. The same Look he gave me when we were young and adventurous and living on the road with our belongings all in the trunk of our car and my path brought me dangerously close to a bookstore. He didn't say it out loud, but there's a good chance he was thinking that a hefty stack of books was not, in fact, on the List. (The List is mandatory for all Target trips, for all the good it does...that store is pure evil.)

To be fair, David came home yesterday from the library book sale with a pretty hefty stack of his own...I don't honestly think I could live with a man who wasn't at least mostly okay with the fact that my interior decorating skills revolve around arranging bookshelves, crates of books, stacks of books, boxes of books, and a general scattering of books on all available surfaces. Granted, many of those books now feature colorful illustrations of animals wearing overalls, but hey, Monkey's pick at Barnes and Noble the last time we went was The Manchurian Candidate, so perhaps there's hope for the grown-up books to make a comeback soon to the main floor of our home!

So speaking of the library book sale...tomorrow's the day! The BAG SALE! A whole bag of books for only three dollars! A whole room just for MG and YA what if I currently have four full bookcases and a rotating wire rack full of books in my classroom? I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Hey we went last year together! That was fun... Thanks for reminding me to go again tomorrow! :-)


althrasher said...

Stacks of books?!?!?!

NO Amanda!!! Resist...

7th graders could read David Sedaris. Yes. I think so.

(maybe that's why I teach band...)

elissa said...

haha, oh...some of my seventh graders *do* read Sedaris (in fact, one of my eighth graders used a story of his for her oral interp project), but I don't think I'll provide it for them. (though we have listened to him on TAL in my class!)

Anonymous said...

Library book sale!!!

That's my niece!!!

I'm part of the volunteer group that sets it up here in Idaho.

ILY, Phyllis

elissa said...

Phyllis! welcome to my blog!

YES! I love the library sale. David's gone twice so far, and I just picked up two full grocery bags full of books this morning. looooove.