Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Teen Me

Teen Elissa in EGHS Theatre's Twelfth Night
As I sit around contemplating my final days as a 34-year-old (I think this birthday may feel like a bigger deal than 30 did, aging-wise), it's the perfect time to reflect on my youth, right?  A perfect time for my post on the Dear Teen Me blog project--a group of YA writers who are writing letters to our teen selves. 

I've been sharing some of these amazing letters with my 8th graders because seriously, a lot of what these authors are saying should be read by teens--if only so they can laugh at our goofy perms and dated fashion.  For real, though, so many of the letters are SO honest and real and...hopeful.  Worth a read through the archives, if you've never been. 

And then, when you've finished reading all the super profound ones, you can take a look at my letter to my teen self for a bit of light-hearted reading.  Some of you may well remember me when.  :)


Anonymous said...

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Zev said...

Dear Teen Me looks like a great project. I can think of a few teens in my life who would benefit from reading these letters.