Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guest Blogger: Jabber Reads (sort of...)

Elissa:  So, I understand you and your little brother have been reading some books this summer that are about brothers and sisters.  So far, what books have you read?

Jabber:  Two books.  One book is called Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and the other book is called Beezus and Ramona.

Elissa:  Did you like the books?

Jabber:  Kind of and kind of not.

Elissa:  So...you have mixed feelings about the books.  Well, I always like to start with talking about what I like about books, so can you tell me something that you enjoyed about reading these two books?  What were your favorite parts?

Jabber:  I liked it when Beezus finally got her cake for her birthday.  But I didn't like it when Ramona destroyed the first two cakes because I don't like things getting destroyed.  I felt glad that I wasn't Beezus.

Elissa:  Did it remind you of your brother?

Jabber:  It reminded me of my model of a car that my dad bought me.  Monkey banged it on the floor, and then he took off the wheels on purpose, and then he took out the axles and lost them, and cracked the model.  And all of that was on purpose.

Elissa:  When you were reading these books about little brothers and sisters, did they remind you of you and your brother?

Jabber:  Fudge sort of reminds me of Monkey, and I feel sort of like Peter because sometimes I want to leave because my brother is about to kill me here.  He really is.  Did you know that Monkey is crazy just like Fudge is?  When Fudge pretended to be a dog and eats under the table, that's just like us.  Except I like eating under the table, too.

Elissa:  Anything else that you liked about the books that you want to mention?

Jabber:  I really liked the party at the Quimby's because all the kids were jumping up and down and they did a parade around the house, and I really liked that.

Elissa:  Earlier you said you kind of liked them and kind of not.  Why would you say kind of not?

Jabber:  Well, there are scary parts.

Elissa:  Scary, how?

Jabber:  I get really scared when they get into trouble.  Like OH I remember one of the really scary parts!  When Ramona called all those people over!  I'm so worried that she's going to get into trouble.  I also get scared when Fudge and Peter get into trouble.

Elissa:  Do you get into trouble like that?

Jabber:  Sometimes, but my mom and dad don't give out real spankings.  Probably the biggest trouble I've ever gotten into was when I pulled my brother out of the chair by his legs.  Remember that?  He hit his head on the floor and cried.  It sounds like something Peter might do because Fudge broke something of his.

Elissa:  What's your favorite part of listening to these stories with your brother?

Jabber:  I use my ears and I see like a movie in my head.  Sometimes it's a good movie, and sometimes it's a bad movie.  And it goes as long as someone's reading.  I like listening to Mama read to me, and I never want to stop.  Sometimes I pretend to be Fudge or Peter or Beezus or Ramona.

Elissa:  Who's your favorite character to pretend to be?

Jabber:  Fudge, because he's silly and he has a funny voice.  I know his voice because of your voice.  I like it when you read with different voices because I only know how to read with my reading voice, and you have a couple of reading voices, like Fudgie and Dad, and Peter, and Ramona, and Beezus, and you also have two Mom voices.

Elissa:  When I read, is my voice different from when we're just talking?

Jabber:  Sometimes they are, and sometimes they're the same.  We're reading Superfudge now, and I like it a lot!

Elissa:  Would you like to give each book a rating now, and a reason for your rating?

Jabber:  I giv Fuj 9 STARS becus I like that carecter. Ramona gets 6 STARS becus sumtimes she dusint get into trubel.

(ETA: Jabber has been really resistant to reading and writing practice, and this post is a way to trick him into doing a little of both.  Thanks for reading!)


grace said...

I like the interview! Tell Jabber I always felt like Peter too when I read those books. Little brothers can be so DIFFICULT.

Shana said...

Love it!

On a somewhat related note last night Braden was insistent that Monkey is trying to kill everyone because Jabber told him this. We then had to have a 15 minute discussion about, a)the fact that Monkey is not actually trying to kill everyone, and b)about death in general. The general death conversation lead to Braden telling me all of the different ways that people can die, i.e. falling from trees, getting their heads stuck in holes, being run over by cars, and so forth.

I am quite sure that our boys are now in cahoots to make you and I equally crazy. ;-p

elissa said...

grace, Jabber says, "Mi litel bruther rolls on the flor and quacks."

and Shana, he's *still* insisting that Monkey is trying to kill everyone. Sorry that you had to have such a lovely morbid conversation. We need to go out for some drinks, sans monsters, someday soon! :)

Lisa said...

I love it! And yay! for those old kids' classics. I have fond memories of reading them to my kids.

elissa said...

Lisa, we were super excited to see a new movie coming out about Ramona and Beezus! Hope we can take the kids to see it! These are the books I read as a kid...so cool that the kids love them, too.

(also Jabber does seem more excited to write for a real audience, even if typing up one sentence does take us all afternoon...guess it would help if I didn't wear the letters off the keys, lol!)

Anonymous said...

Tell Jabber that I really like eating underneath tables, too. Except I only do it when my mom gives me permission. ;)

Oobzie said...

I only eat under the table when sayitwhirly's mom gives me permission too!

Kristan said...

Love it!

"I use my ears and I see like a movie in my head. Sometimes it's a good movie, and sometimes it's a bad movie."

Haha, that's my fave. And that's how I got started reading too. Sounds like a champ in the making. :D

Tell Jabber we want to hear more from him!

Sage said...

I remember the Ramona books when I was younger, but not the Fudge books. Glad Jabber (mostly) liked them. It is stressful when you read about kids getting in trouble when you're younger, I remember that.

cat hellisen said...

I love this! Jabber: I use my ears and I see like a movie in my head. Sometimes it's a good movie, and sometimes it's a bad movie. And it goes as long as someone's reading. I like listening to Mama read to me, and I never want to stop. Sometimes I pretend to be Fudge or Peter or Beezus or Ramona.

Also that you have 2 mom voices. hahahahaha, wonderful.

Hey Jabber, we just finished The House at Pooh Corner, and Noa loved it. Now we're reading a nature book, then next it's Peter Pan. :D

amy said...

I loved reading Jabber's reviews! I really learned a lot about the books.

Kate Hart said...

Aw, I adore this post. I'm going to have to shamelessly copy you when my boys are a little older.