Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guest Blogger: Jabber's How-To-Make-A-Paper-Jet

Jabber took some time out of his busy schedule this morning to prepare some video demonstrations of how to create his signature paper jet.

In this first video, Jabber demonstrates the finished product.

In the next segment of the series, Jabber shows the parts of a partially-assembled jet and prepares the body for wing application.

Last, Jabber demonstrates proper wing placement.


Wellington said...

These are possibly the coolest jets ever. We're going to have the daycare kids make a whole bunch (fleet? squadron?) of these! Thanks for the instructions, Jabber!

April said...

I want to make my own plane now....

=) Great job, Jabber!

hannah said...

I never would have figured out how to put the wings on! Thanks for the videos, Jabber!