Monday, April 13, 2009

oh hai!

So I was all set to write this story about how difficult it is to start up something that you stop was an embarrassing story about me and the gym I once belonged to.

But now I've decided to break the blog silence with a goofy photo instead.

This photograph is titled: "Ooh, Baby is Maaad! GRRROwllll!"

It's even funnier when you can see Monkey staring at this photo on my laptop screen, shouting, "Oh, no! Baby is mad!" and then making his little baby mad faces and noises quite convincingly.

Okay, so I'll maybe post a little more often. 'Cause next time I'll probably be forced to tell the embarrassing story.


grace said...

omg want baby

liss n kids said...

MINE BAYBEE! Can babysit, though?

Libby Martin said...

Aww, Monkey is adorable, liss. I'd babysit anytime.

Cat Hellisen said...

Omg he's too cute (and mad).


CDP said...

There's nothing like an angry baby, is there?

Jen said...

He is so cute, even when mad.