Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scary and Silent...

Post-bedtime conversation with Jabber...

J: So Daddy doesn't really like The Three Little Pigs.
Me: Why not?
J: He says it's awful scary and silent.
Me: Silent?
J: Yeah, like...silent, like when the wolf gets all burned up in the fire.
Me: Oh, you mean violent?
J: Yeah, but I'm not scared. I mean, I'm not even scared of monsters. 'Cause I'm so strong I can punch them.
Me: Oh?
J: (getting warmed up) Yeah, I can punch them right in the stomach! I'd punch them so hard their stomachs split right open! Their stomachs would split right open and all their organs would pop out! (gets a scary little gleam in his eyes) AND I would reach in and rip the monster's heart right out with my sharp fingernails, and then I'd throw the heart out right on the ground and...then I'd break it. I would just...break his heart. (smashes one tiny fist into the other palm)
Me: Now that sounds a little violent.
J: Yeah. But not as bad as The Three Little Pigs.


CDP said...

That sounds like what Sarah Palin will say in the debate tonight if she's asked what she'd do to Osama Bin Laden.

Oh my gosh, I seriously crack myself up.

liss n kids said...

OMG you are so right...and with the same exact level of subtlety and sophistication as my four-year-old, too! LMAO.