Saturday, September 6, 2008

On Being Inept At Life

I like telling stories. I like teaching people things, and I love writing about things...thinking about things. I like hiking at my own pace down a quiet woodsy trail all alone, and I like tramping along a woodsy trail at a child's pace, answering questions about erosion and evaporation and why we cannot put ants in our mouths.

I like reading books that captivate me. I like painting on nice canvass.

I do not like paying bills.

I do not like making phone calls, setting up appointments, writing things on a calendar.

Also, I do not like spending too much time each day on cleaning. Some people get a kick out of cleaning because they like the results they see, but to me it is just a lesson in futility.

I know it's part of being a grown-up to do things you don't want to do simply because they need to be done, so I try to keep up on the checkbook, do the dishes and clean the kitchen most nights, and generally be a good, responsible human. With moderate success.

Still, I have the hardest time with keeping up on the little details of life. Like making a dentist appointment. Getting a haircut more than twice a year. Keeping the house clean. Fixing stuff, hanging pictures, filing semi-important things like my teaching license or maybe the deed to our car. You know, dumb stuff like that.

Oh, well. I think right now I'll just spend a little while singing and dancing around the living room with Monkey, and I'll worry about that stuff later. Much later.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful priorities!! ily,M

Amy Mullis said...

Inept--I don't think so. I think you're very "Ept." Your priorities are the same as mine!

CDP said...

Yes, you sound very "ept" to me, too.

I'm pretty compulsive about housecleaning (not as insane as I used to be), but I'm also terrible about "administrative" stuff. Like the fact that I paid my car off three years ago and still haven't bothered to call about getting the title sent to me...minor stuff like that. And I hate making business phone calls, too.